Tayyib Foods

Mabroom Dates 400g


A distinctive and exceptional variety of dates from Saudi Arabia are called Mabroom Dates. They are well known for their potent sweetness, silky texture, and distinctive dark chocolate hue. One of the most well-liked dates in the Middle East, Mabroom Dates are even regarded as a delicacy. 

According to reports, Mabroom Dates have a deeper flavour than regular dates, making them ideal for snacking and baking. They distinguish themselves from other cultivars thanks to their creamy texture and rich, caramel-like sweetness. Due to the dates' high sugar content, which gives them their dark brown hue, they appear very opulent and sumptuous.

Mabroom dates have a long shelf life and are typically collected in the summer. They can assist in controlling blood sugar levels and are a healthy and natural source of energy. They also contain significant amounts of fibre, calcium, iron, and other vital vitamins and minerals.