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Gourmet Gifting Ideas
Ultimate Valentine’s Basket - Tayyib Store - Tayyib Store - Lahore
Ultimate Basket
Deluxe Valentine’s Basket - Tayyib Store - Tayyib Store - Lahore
Deluxe Basket
Mom’s Valentine’s Basket - Tayyib Store - Tayyib Store - Lahore
Mom’s Basket
Honey Gift Set
Honey Gift Set

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Nut Milks

Nut Milks

Our bestselling nut milks, tofu and vegan product range
Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit

Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit

They may be small but they pack a punch!
Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods

Fermented to Perfection for an excellent gut health!

Shop By Lifestyle

Whether it's Vegan Mylk or Tofu, we've got it all!
Keto friendly products to make you feel your best!
Celiac approved so that you can enjoy your favourite foods without the worry!

High Protein

Select from a range of high protein products!

Ceylon Cinnamon 50g

Ceylon cinnamon, commonly referred to as real cinnamon, is a spice made from the inner bark of a Sri Lankan native tropical evergreen tree. Its unusual flavour and scent have led to frequent references to it as "real cinnamon." Compared to Cassia cinnamon (often referred to as Chinese cinnamon), which is more widely available, Ceylon cinnamon is said to be of a higher calibre.

The light brown colour, thin bark, and delicate, sweet flavour of ceylon cinnamon are its distinguishing features. Due to its mellow and delicate taste, it is also frequently referred to as "soft cinnamon." When compared to Cassia cinnamon, which is frequently referred to as "fake cinnamon," Ceylon cinnamon is frequently of a superior calibre. Ceylon cinnamon is more used in cooking, although cassia cinnamon is darker and has a stronger flavour.

There are many health advantages to using ceylon cinnamon. It has been used for millennia to cure a wide range of ailments, including sore throats and digestive problems. It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory qualities. Moreover, it is believed to strengthen the immune system, cut cholesterol, and assist lower blood sugar levels.


Our Story

Here's how we started our journey with Tayyib.

Our Brand Values

We make sure to bring you the finest ingredients possible!

Farm to Table

We emphasize on sourcing and serving locally grown and produced food directly from farmers to ensure freshness!

Ethical Sourcing

We believe in acquiring products in a socially responsible manner, in terms of fair labour.


We know about our supply chain in and out! We know exactly where our products originated from.


We are always promoting local vendors to foster sustainable growth.


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Nayha Jehangir KhanCustomer
Tayyib Store has become our haven for home cooking essentials that you just can't find anywhere else. It's a delightful treasure trove of locally sourced goodness, from unique bread to irresistible cookies. We're frequent visitors, drawn not just by the fantastic selection but also by the store's beautiful layout, making each shopping trip a relaxing experience.
Umair AbbasiCustomer
Going to Tayyib makes me feel like I'm doing something good and meaningful for myself and my health!
Sarah SyedCustomer
This quaint little store has all the things a health-conscious or fitness freak could want!
When you walk in, the store is pleasing for the senses with a lovely aroma and a beautiful set-up.
Behzad TaimurCustomer
This place is fantastic! The range of their products is great. Alot of organic and natural products. Alot of imported stuff. Alot of stuff that you can hardly find elsewhere! Check out their bakery section as well. You'll find quite an assortment of organic & healthy food items. Very impressive.
Farah BoCustomer
Excellent products. Tried quite a few products and everything is always fresh and delicious.
Hadiqa SohailCustomer
Going through a major diet change and I'm so glad I was able to find everything under one roof.
We deliver across Lahore!
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