Our Story


Welcome to Tayyib Foods!

Founded in 2014 by Usman Gardee, Tayyib Foods is a testament to one man’s journey of resilience, passion, and dedication to health and wellness.

After surviving a battle with cancer in 2012, Usman Gardee underwent a profound transformation in his approach to life and well-being. Recognizing the crucial role of nutrition in his recovery, Usman embarked on a mission to not only heal himself but also to empower others through wholesome, natural foods.

Driven by his personal experience and unwavering commitment to promoting wellness, Usman founded Tayyib Foods. Inspired by the need to maintain a healthy diet post-treatment, he ventured into the natural foods business, passionately advocating for the transformative power of nutritious ingredients.

From its humble beginnings, Tayyib Foods has flourished under Usman’s guidance, fueled by his love for fine ingredients and dedication to exceptional customer service. With an unwavering focus on quality and taste, Usman and his team meticulously curate each product, ensuring that only the finest organic produce and delicious recipes make it to their customers’ tables.

What began as a journey of self-discovery has blossomed into a thriving community-driven enterprise, with Tayyib Foods serving as a beacon of health, wellness, and culinary delight. Usman Gardee and his team are deeply grateful for the opportunity to share their passion with you and invite you to join them on this deliciously wholesome adventure.

Thank you for choosing Tayyib Foods.

Warm regards,
Team Tayyib

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