Tayyib Foods

Deluxe Mutton Mix 1 Kg


The finest mutton in town! Weight range of animals is 8kg to 11kg.

A selection of the finest mutton cuts, including leg, shoulder, neck, chops, loin, and breast, make up the Deluxe Mutton Mix. It offers a range of tastes and textures that are not present in any one cut. Several methods of cooking the mutton result in interesting and mouthwatering combinations.

Take pleasure in the richness of the breast, the succulence of the shoulder, the succulence of the leg, the robustness of the chops, and the juiciness of the neck. You may sample all of the tastes that mutton has to offer with this deluxe blend.

The ideal fusion of some of the best ingredients is our Deluxe Mutton Mix. Because you may enjoy the many tastes and textures that come from each cut of the mutton, this deluxe mix is preferable than eating a single component. The fusion of the various components results in an outstanding feast.