Tayyib Foods

Almond Mylk 500ml


Our Almond Milk is crafted with care, using a unique process that results in the creamiest, most flavourful plant-based milk you'll ever taste. Developed in-house from scratch using only the finest natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Almonds, Water and Pink Salt.

What sets our Almond Milk apart from commercial packaged almond milk?

  1. Superior Quality: Unlike mass-produced almond milk found in stores, our Almond Milk is handcrafted in small batches to ensure premium quality and consistency. We meticulously select the freshest almonds and follow a meticulous process to create a milk that's truly exceptional in taste and texture.

  2. Fresher Flavor: While commercial almond milk often contains added stabilizers and preservatives to prolong shelf life, our Almond Milk is made fresh and delivered directly to you, preserving its natural flavor and nutritional integrity. Say goodbye to stale, processed flavors and hello to pure, delicious almond goodness.

  3. No Hidden Additives: Many commercial almond milk brands contain a long list of additives, thickeners, and sweeteners to enhance flavor and texture. In contrast, our Almond Milk is made with just three simple ingredients: almonds, water, and a touch of pink salt. You can trust that every sip is free from artificial ingredients and packed with pure, wholesome goodness.

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