Peanut Butter and Banana Granola 360g


Brighten up your day with a big bag of Treat’s granola. A crunchy bite of deliciousness every morning. Sweet and salty peanuts,honey and rolled oats with toasted banana chips, spicy cinnamon and gooey chocolate chips, packed together to give you a yummy dose of healthy fats. A nutritious meal to slowly release energy into your system to start your day just right! 

We like our granola served on a dollop of greek yoghurt, with slices of fresh seasonal fruit. We also like it as a snack, chewy handfuls straight from the bag! 

- Preservative free

- No artificial flavour

- Refined sugar-free

Ingredients: Rolled oats, peanut butter, toasted peanuts, honey, banana, banana chips, cinnamon, chocolate chips



serving: 60 gm

calories: 273

carbs: 37.5 gm

fat: 9.7 gm

protein: 8.8 gm