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Premium Mutton Mix 1 Kg - TAYYIB - Tayyib Foods - Lahore

Premium Mutton Mix 1 Kg

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The finest mutton in town! Weight range of animals is 8kg to 11kg.

The four types of meat that make up our premium mutton mix are neck, chops, loin, and breast. This mixture gives the body important vitamins and minerals and is a great source of protein. The chops have the most fat and are the most filling, but the neck is a wonderful source of iron and zinc. The breast is a fantastic source of vitamin B12, while the loin is a leaner cut of meat that offers healthy fats and necessary amino acids. 

These four mutton cuts combined provide a well-balanced combination of flavour and nutrition. It's a terrific way to eat mutton since the variation in the mix guarantees that you get the full benefits of each cut. This mixture is healthier than consuming a single cut of mutton because it has a wider range of vitamins and minerals. Also, the mixture has a richer flavour than just one cut because the many cuts each have a distinctive flavour that is more nuanced and fascinating.